New Store Opening: [UENO MARUI] 9th December, 2016!!

女優宮崎あおいさんのロート製薬『SUGAO』新CMにMonarch Cupcake & Co. のカップケーキが登場!!

女優宮崎あおいさんのロート製薬『SUGAO』新CMにMonarch Cupcake & Co. のカップケーキが登場です!<3





We teamed up with actress Miyazaki Aoi and makeup brand Sugao for their new makeup commercial!
Our cute pastel themed cupcakes match perfectly with Sugao's new makeup product, as worn by the beautiful Miyazaki Aoi. Why not coordinate the colours of your life too with our delicious cupcakes <3 have="" a="" great="" weekend="" 3="" p="">